Monday, July 25, 2011

Vintage Toddler Jumper

My daughter’s second birthday is almost here and I was going through my mom’s patterns trying to find one I liked. I came across this vintage toddler jumpsuit/romper pattern and I fell in love with it.

Along with the pattern I found my mom had already cut the jumper and it just needed to be sewed. She told me she had cut this outfit for me to wear when I was a baby, thirty years ago! I decided I would sew the jumper for my little princess, she would get a cute outfit and I would get practice before sewing the real thing.

I am really happy with how it turned out and it was a very easy pattern to sew. Since this pattern is circa 1970’s there is a ½ inch seam allowance so it’s much easier for a beginner like me to sew. We couldn't find the instructions for the pattern so I just winged it. I decided to use snaps instead of buttons because they are much easier to put in and much easier to put on a squirming toddler.

I didn’t notice until I had finished the outfit that these pants are bell bottoms, hehe.

Since this jumper had gone so well I decided to move onto my daughter’s birthday outfit, a bubble romper. I had cut half of the pattern when I realized that I had cut the wrong one, it was just a regular romper. The correct pattern was still in the envelope, doh! Wouldn't this have been the perfect fabric for my circus theme?

Since I didn’t have enough fabric left to cut the bubble romper I went back to Joann in search of fabric. Luckily I found a cute animal print which my daughter loves! I will do a post later this week about my bubble romper.


  1. Cute! I have a similar pattern that my ex mother in law had given me a long time ago that she had made for her boys. I had made my older boys several of these. I bet the pattern you cut from the animal fabric could be made into the bubble romper simply by shortening it and adding elastic to the legs. Such cute fabric! I love vintage patterns.