Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cake Decorating Lessons Learned

My friend just welcomed her second child and I was attending her sprinkle last week. I volunteered to bring the cake since I really need to practice more and my husband is tired of eating cake now. Since she had a boy I used blue and yellow as my primary cake colors. I like how the cake turned out but I wasn't able to do the entire design I had planned out. There were suppose to be swirl flowers on the side and top of the cake.

I learned that I need to make some item's ahead of time if I don't want to be overwhelmed at the last minute. Since most icing recipes can be stored for at least a week I came up with a little schedule for myself. Three days before the party I will make all of my icing and color them according to my design. Two days before the party I will bake the cake and make the filling. The day before the party I will assemble the cake and decorate it as planned. I hope this schedule helps me the next time I make a cake. BTW the cake was delicious!

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