Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How To Make Gum Glue

I am taking the next Wilton Cake decorating class where we are learning to make flowers out of royal icing. During our first class we learned to make some button flowers and pansies out of gum paste and fondant. In order to adhere the different flower layers together we needed to use gum glue.

To make the gum glue you will need water, a resealable container, and gum paste. You can make your own gum paste or buy it already made. I bought mine at Joann.

Usually when you open the gum paste bag you will find hard pieces at the top of the bag. You can't use these pieces to make flowers as their is no way to make them soft again so you can use them to make glue. Just tear the pieces of gum paste into small pieces and place them in a container.

Fill the container with water, just enough to cover them, and wait for them to dissolve. You can mix the water to help them dissolve. Once dissolved just store in an air tight container, no need to refrigerate it. the gum glue will last up to two weeks.

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