Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coffee and Waffles

I am a big fan of iced coffee but it's an expensive habit to have. I came across this wonderful tutorial on how to make your own Iced Coffee over at Pie Birds and I have my first batch in the refrigerator.

I can't wait to taste it in the morning! I also decided to try my Trader Joe's multi grain mix. I made a batch of waffles for us to have for breakfast and I am going to freeze the rest.

The waffles are delicious and they smell wonderful. This is my first attempt at freezer cooking so I am hoping they turn out great. I am going to put them in my food saver bags and then throw them in the freezer as soon as I am done with this post.

A little bit of advice, when the box says to grease the waffle maker they mean it! I lightly greased it and this is how the first waffle came out. I had to pry it off in sections!

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