Monday, May 23, 2011

My Not So Extreme Couponing

I recently caught an episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC and I was shocked at how much these people save. Now I really don't have the time or the obsession to use coupons that way but I did want to start using coupons to see if I could save money. I bought the Sunday newspaper and put my coupon skills to the test this last week. I did find some great deals at my local grocery store, Fry's.

My coupon deals were as follows
ItemOriginal PricePrice Paid
Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon$3.29$1.29
Lawry's Marinade$3.99$0.49
Kraft Mayo$4.49$1.99
French's Mustard$3.19$0.49
Huggies Swimmers$8.29$2.99

I learned that you don't need to use a coupon to get a good deal and just because you have a coupon doesn't make it a good deal. I got some spaghetti sauce for $1.47 a jar. If I had bought the coupon brand I would have paid $3.49 a jar. A couple of days later I went to Target and found they had better prices on most of the items I had purchased so I would have saved more money if I had shopped there with my coupons. The next time I get groceries I will make my grocery list a couple of days beforehand so I can find online coupons for the items on my list that I don't already have coupons for. In total I saved $25.42 at the grocery store and paid $50.03. I am pleased with what I saved but I think I can do better next time with a little planning.

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  1. We coupon a bit, but think that the scale that show displays is a bit much for the average, non-hoarding person :)

    I onl clip out coupons for things we use or would like to try, passing on the coupon inserts to friends that might want something we passed up. I think I clip a couple of coupons a week and we definitely do notice the savings- but without getting extreme about it!