Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Dukan Diet

After the royal wedding I read that Kate Middleton had used The Dukan Diet to lose weight before her big day. I wasn't sure why she was on a diet since she was already thin but I decided it was probably a fad. Then my sister-in-law tried the diet and lost 20 lbs! She looks great and is always talking about how wonderful the diet is.

I have 20 lbs that I have been trying to lose for almost a year now and I am seriously tempted to try it. My problem is that I am not very good with diets. The second I know I can't have sweets or carbs I start craving them. I read a brief summary about how the diet works and I think I am setting myself up for failure. I mean if I had the will power to eat only healthy things I would have lost the weight by now, right? I still plan to try the diet but only if I can buy the book for under five dollars or get it at the library. Has anyone tried The Dukan Diet, or any diet for that matter, that worked?

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