Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tutorial: Feather Pens

The office in our home is mostly all of my husband's things, I have a very small space that he "rented" out to me. I am ALWAYS looking for a pen and I can never find one nearby. I decided to make some pens that would give my side of the desk some much needed style. I was very pleased with how they turned out and I even got compliments on them!

You will need
A pen
A feather poof thing, I got mine at Joann for $1.74
Floral Tape
Ribbon 3/8 inch (recommended)
Hot glue (if using ribbon)

Step 1: Remove the cap from the pen and starting from the bottom wrap the floral tape around the bottom a couple of times.

Step 2: Place the feather alongside the pen, making it as tall as you would like. Continue to wrap the floral tape around the pen and the feather until you have reached the top of the pen. Cut tape and secure.

 Step 3: If you would like to use the ribbon then starting at the top of the pen begin to wrap the ribbon round the pen until you reach the bottom. Cut the ribbon and apply a little hot glue to the end of your ribbon. Secure the ribbon at the bottom of the pen.

Sorry for my lack of pictures, I thought I had taken pictures of every step but apparently I was so excited to finish that I didn't take any! I put the pens in a vase with some decorative glass pebbles I already had at home.


  1. cool. ive been wanting these for ages and its just so easy to make

  2. I should really make a few of these to keep on my desk at work... it'd make it really easy to identify the pen thiefs! ...or maybe even discourage them!