Monday, March 7, 2011

Tutorial: No Sew Fleece Blanket

My cousin is having a baby boy in June and the baby shower is just around the corner. Since I am still not able to use my sewing machine I decided to make her a no sew fleece blanket. I received one for my baby shower and it is one of the most useful gifts I received. My daughter still uses it!

You will need
Scissors (make sure they are sharp)
2 pieces of fleece (1 yard each)

1. Cut the machine finished edge off of the fleece. Do this for each piece.
2. Put your 2 fleece pieces wrong sides together and pin.

3. Cut a 4x4 inch square at each corner. You can save this for scraps, or throw out, as you won't be using this piece.
4. Cut into the fleece 4 inches and do this every inch all around the four sides.

5. Starting at one corner using one top and one bottom piece make a knot. Then knot one more time to make sure it stays in place. Do this for the entire blanket.

It took me a little less than an hour to make this blanket and I think it turned out well. I had to hide it from my daughter because she wanted it for herself, she is really into monkey's now. I hope my cousin get's as much use out of her blanket as I did mine.


  1. cute monkeys! I love the vintage looking illustration on your banner.

  2. That fabric is adorable! I have made several of these for my kids and family over the years, but haven't made any recently. Might be time to use up the abundance of fleece I have packed away.