Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tutorial: Mini Korker Bow

For some reason I thought I had posted this tutorial already but I guess I didn't. As some of you might remember I made my daughter some korker bows from a pattern I bought from Birdsong Bows but they were too big for her head. I saw some small korker bows at Buy Buy Baby so I decided to make her some.

You will need
Grosgrain Ribbon (not 100% cotton)
Wood Clothes Pins
Wood Dowels size 5/16
Hair Clip
Fray Check
Sharp Needle
Coordinating Thread
Hot Glue Gun
Stiffen Quik Spray (Optional)

Step 0: (Preparation Step) You will have to cut the Wood Dowels in half. I bought mine at Joann for .62 cents each. One stick will give you 2 dowels. Don't take off the sticker, you don't want anything sticky on your ribbon.

Step 1: Attach one end of the ribbon on your dowel using a clothes pin. Keep wrapping your ribbon until you reach the end of the dowel and secure with another clothes pin.

Step 2: Repeat this for each ribbon color you will use. Your finished dowel will look something like this. One dowel will be enough for one bow.

Step 3: Place all of your dowels on a foil lined baking sheet. It's ok if they hang off the sides. Preheat your oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit and cook them for 20 minutes. Let them cool.

Step 4: Remove your ribbon from the dowel, hold one end and twist. Cut your curled ribbon the size of the clothes pin. Repeat for all your ribbon. Apply Fray Check to the ends of the ribbon to keep it from fraying.

Step 5: Put your thread on your needle and get one piece of ribbon and place the needle in the middle of the ribbon. Do this for 5 more ribbon pieces. You should have 6 total ribbon pieces per bow.

Step 6: Pull all of your ribbon pieces through the needle and wrap your thread around the center 4 times as shown. Complete with a couple of knots.

Step 7: Line your hair clip with ribbon if desired. Place a small amount of glue on the bottom of your tied bow and attach to clip. 

Step 8: (Optional) Arrange your ribbon pieces as desired, sometimes ribbon pieces intertwine, and apply Stiffen Quik spray. Let dry per manufacturer's directions.


  1. pretty...have been wanting to try to make these for a while. thank you!

  2. Fun! You really do "Do it all" don't you?