Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Korker Bows

My daughter has just started leaving the bows I put in her hair on. I have been so giddy with excitement that I have been shopping for bows online. I found a wonderful Etsy shop, Birdsong Bows, that sells bow patterns and they are gorgeous.

I decided to buy the korker bow pattern because it didn't look complicated and I love the little spirals. Seriously look at how cute the little girl looks in her bows!

Well these bows where my first attempt and I think they came out ok, obviously not as good as the picture on the pattern but it's really my fault. First off I didn't actually measure the korker bows when I cut them so they are different lengths.

This first bow I made I misread one of the steps and I actually did it some what wrong.

I fixed it on the second bow and it came out much better. What I like most about the patterns is that they are very detailed and they also come with steps you should take if you want to sell your bows professionally. These bows came out much bigger than my daughter's head so I am going to make mini versions this week and I hope they come out better.


  1. How cute! Makes me wish I had a little girl to make bows for. Although...these would look really cute on packages too! Hmmm..might have to check out Etsy! :)

  2. What a great idea Patti! Make sure you check out the Savings Corner for a coupon code.