Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Add Google Anaytics

If you have a blog then you probably want to know how many visitors come to your site. You can do this easily and for free by adding Google Analytics to your blog. All you need is a Google account.

The first thing you need to do is generate the tracking code you will add to your blog.
Step 1: Go to Google Analytics. On the top navigation bar, My Analytics Accounts, select Create New Account in the dropdown. 
Step 2: Click the Sign Up button.
Step 3: Follow the sign up steps and you will be given tracking code. 
Step 4: Copy the code under Paste this code on your site
Step 5: Go to blogger and go to Design -> Edit HTML  
Step 6: Search for </head>
Step 7: Paste the code from Step 4 right above </head> and click Save Template

That's it your analytics code is installed! After 24-48 hours you will no longer see the warning icon when you log in to Google Analytics. This means the analytic code was properly installed. 

Since you will be visiting your blog often, you will want to exclude yourself from the analytic report.
Step 1: Find your computer ip address by opening a browser tab, go to Google, and type what is my ip. Click the first result and get your ip, Your IP Address Is
Step 2: Go to Google Analytics and click Edit
Step 3: Under Filters Applied to Profile click Add Filter
Step 4: Make sure Add new Filter for Profile is checked. Add a filter name and make sure Predefined filter is checked. 
Step 5: For the dropdowns choose Exclude traffic, from the ip addresses, that are equal to. Enter your ip address, only enter the numbers not the dots. 
Step 6: Do this for every computer you use.

 As you can see I have many computers but the detailed filter name helps me quickly identify them. I wasn't sure if these steps were detailed enough but let me know if you have any questions and I would love to help. 

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