Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cupcake Delivery Box

I came across this clever idea from Simply Modern Mom while I was trying to find some more cupcake recipes, I know I am a cupcake addict!

Now I can make my own cupcake delivery box when I give my cupcakes as gifts. Now some more cupcake recipes because you will need to fill the boxes you just made!

I know these aren't cupcakes but they look delicious and they would fit in the cupcake box!


  1. Thanks for the link! What a great idea. I have a bunch of cardstock left over from when I thought I was going to do tons of scrapbooking. ;)
    And I have to say...those little lemon meringue pies look really yummy!!

  2. Thanks for the links! What a good idea for the cupcake box. And the coconut cupcakes - YUM! :)