Friday, February 4, 2011

My New Sewing Machine

I received the Brother CS6000I Computerized Sewing Machine for my birthday this year.

It's one of the best gifts my husband has ever given me. It is a huge step up from my last machine, Singer Tradition, but frankly I think any machine would have been an improvement. Besides the straight stitching, I haven't tried many of the other features. I did try the buttonholes yesterday and after figuring out that I need to read the manual BEFORE I attempted them it went much smoother. Another huge bonus to this machine was that it came with a table attachment along with 4 or 5 attachment feet. So far I haven't been able to move past the slow speed because the medium speed moves so damn fast I panic. I did have a small problem with the zigzag stitch yesterday but I realized either the machine was threaded wrong or the bobbin was in wrong. I did the threading and bobbin again and it worked beautifully. Again READ the manual BEFORE using it!


  1. Sewing machines nowadays blow my mind!! I recently visited a friend's mother and she had just bought this uber fancy sewing machine that was like a computer and would stitch freestanding lace, all kinds of embroidery etc...all by itself! It blew my mind!!

  2. My hubby just bought me a sewing machine for Valentines Day. I totally agreed with you about reading the manual- I messed up loading the bobbin and the needle since I did not read the manual.
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