Wednesday, February 16, 2011

eBay Electronic Recycling

As some of you might remember my cell phone recently broke and it has been sitting in my office drawer ever since then.

"Electronic waste accounts for 70 percent of the overall toxic waste currently found in landfills, according to Global Futures Foundation. In addition to valuable metals like aluminum, electronics often contain hazardous materials such as mercury. When placed in a landfill, even in small doses, these materials can contaminate soil as well as drinking water." --

Since I didn't want to throw my old phone away to contaminate the earth I was trying to find a recycling program. My friend told me he recycled his laptop at eBay Instant Sale.

Basically the program works like this, you enter the type of electronic you have and answer some questions about it. Ebay will then tell you how much they will pay you for your item. If you choose to sell them the item then they will also pay for the shipping. You mail in your item and once they have received it they will deposit the money they quoted you in your paypal account. If your item doesn't qualify for any type of reimbursement you can still send them your electronic item to be recycled and they will pay for the shipping. It's that easy! I was very excited to see that I could get $10 for my broken phone, I can get a couple of Starbucks latte's with that money!

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