Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tutorial: Coasters

I am sure you have all seen the easy mod podge coaster tutorials online. If not you can find one over at Prudent Baby. I won't bore you with the same instructions I am sure you have already seen. You basically need some tiles (I found mine at Home Depot for 14 cents!), some mod podge, and paper or fabric scraps. I decided to make some flower themed coasters and some Valentine's Day themed coasters.

Here are my flower themed coasters, these match my living room color scheme. I didn't have very many air bubbles this time (my first mod podge project was an air bubble mess), because I used a flat edge starting from the center and moved outward to flatten it.

I did something slightly different for my bottoms. I first glued one square of 3mm foam and then glued the matching felt square on top of it. The cork on a role was expensive and seemed like it would be hard to cut. I was able to get all 8 coasters done from one 3mm sheet of foam. I like how these bottom's turned out because it gave the tiles a little bit more support.

Here is a picture of the Valentine's coasters. I just used some stickers that I bought at Target for a dollar. My little sister's came over and helped with those. It was a great Craft Sunday project.

Another picture of the coordinating underside. My favorite part? The total price for 4 coasters came out to $1.85. Oh one important tidbit, don't forget to spray acrylic sealer on top of the coasters once the mod podge is dry. If you don't the mod podge might melt when you place a hot drink on them!

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